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November 20, 2012
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The Burned Mare Lives! by DontAskForCookie The Burned Mare Lives! by DontAskForCookie
"I survived because the fire inside burned brighter than the fire around me. I fell down into that dark chasm, but the flame burned on and on."
- Marshmallow Graham (-AKA- "The Burned Mare")

Ok so I chose the Burned mare more or less at random last time for that test of gimps animation capabilities. Since then however I have been having a lot of fun drawing her, my sketch pad is just brimming with artwork of the mare. However with all the new art I have been doing I couldn't help but regret having such a piss-poor quality image of her up on my DA page, so I resolved to give you fine ponies an updated vector drawing of her.

I chose vector art because I wont have access to a scanner or a tablet till the end of the thanksgiving holidays. You can probably expect more of her and other FOE ponies around that time.

TTFN for now my little ponies and as always leave a comment or art critique down below!

((BTW, thanks again to indayla for the name idea. Hope you dont mind me using it!))
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hahaha I just,(I mean just seconds ago) beat Honest Hearts. I love"The Burned Mare"................."Mare"?......oookk.

well nice work. fav.
Okay, didn't much care for FO:NV but I have to admit I liked Honest Hearts, though it lacked something... but the Burned Man was neat. This is awesome!
NOW that is bad ass! We never really get to see the "burned man" up in action but him just silently sitting and checking his wepeons. You KNOW something is going to go down if he gets up.
Shouldn't it be the burned stallion? Secondly Joshua was a member of the legion so this character should be a zebra. Thirdly those boots on his forehooves should be on his backhooves.
Mare worked better for the play on words I was going for and frankly I am a big fan of rule 63.

Secondly Joshua was not originally a member of the legion but was part of its founding and joined in at a early point in its creation alongside who would eventually become Caesar. So no, he or she would not inherently be a zebra when crossing this over to FOE.

In every instance of boots I could find on my admitidly small amount of research on ponies in boots from the show it had them wearing them in the for-hooves.
Play on words? how about staying true to the establish cannon.

The legion was founded by caesar with joshua. Now correct me if I'm wrong but why would the ZEBRA legion allow a equestrian "mare" to be placed in a similar position to the role joshua played in the events prior to new vegas. Also he was the first legate for quite a while so why would the ZEBRA caesar allow a non zebra to be his legate. It would've been like Hitler's right hand man had been a jew from warsaw it wouldn't work itwould've been disastrous.

what characters did you research because in the show they use their forhooves to pick stuff up, so how would they pick stuff up while they are boots like that. (for an example of this watch the cider episode and see how they drink out of the glasses). Now if you want to try and see if this would be possible try and lift a glass of water or "cider" and drink it while wearing shoes on your hands. Otherwise if they did have boots on their forehooves they were probably oc's.
Thank you for your continued input on my artwork and creative choices with this character. Your points are fine and well presented and in the future I will have to follow up on my previous research with a more in-detailed look to the pony Universe.

you sarcastic sob. Fuck this I'm going back to video games such as Fallout New Vegas. This internet world just doesn't make sense.
Enjoy your game!
Dreamcatcher174 Apr 29, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Wow... what a jerk. screw him, your artwork is awesome!

And personally, I'm impressed with how you handled that. You stayed polite the whole time, and he ended up raging. I'd say you won that one.

And as another little note, I'd say your moves are spot on. Three Dog on Fallout is male; didn't stop Pon3/ Homage from being female. And Super Mutants are masculine, yet all of Fallout Equestria's alicorns are female. So there's no real "gender barrier" here.
I for one like your decision.

Also, Joshua was a member of the tribal group of New Canaanites. And the Legion he formed was a conglomerate of tribes. What Mr. Silnev above is missing is the little fact that FO:E's Zebra Legion was a PAST army of a united nation, whereas New Vegas's Legion is a PRESENT army of blended tribal groups.
Also, since Graham is a devout man of faith, it makes since to have a pony Graham who would have devoutly spread the Celestia-Luna beliefs, not a zebra who would have shunned both due to the Nightmare Moon fear.
Frankly, he/she could be zebra or pony. Either argument makes sense.

As for the boots? Eh, I would have put them on the hindlegs, but hey, that's personal choice! It's your art, do it the way you like!

I love the picture! Keep up the Marshmellow Graham!!
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